Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme
 Partnering blind people to independence
 established 2003

Raise money as you search!

Are you one on the 6.4 million people that use a search engine every day?  Did you know that you can raise money for Pathfinder Dogs while you search?

Easysearch uses search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Ask to ensure you can always find what you are looking for but the fantastic thing is that EVERY TIME you  search, half a penny is raised for Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme.  Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year for us.  Some people I know search a lot more than that.  Imagine what we could raise if 100 or 1000 people or more are doing searches everyday on Easysearch.

And remember, save Easysearch as your homepage.


If your organisation could benefit from Easysearch too then click on this link Easysearch for your organisation 

You could use Everyclick.  Does the same job!

In fact, did you know you can search eBay from your Everyclick search bar?  Just change 'Web' to 'eBay' via the drop down menu at the end of the search bar field.  Your results will be from eBay AND if you make a purchase on eBay by this method, we make money from that too but costs you nothing extra.  How good is that?

Search the web and raise money for Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme


There's a third option, through Affilyon, our newest search engine option using Yahoo.  Click on the logo and save it as your homepage.


OR you can also use our live search bar using Yahoo and still raise money.  Fantastic!

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Even doing nothing else but switching your computer on you can be raising money for us.  Donate your unused computer time.  Check out Superdonate for more details.