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Hi Everyone

Sir Spook here. 
I thought it was about time I got my paws on the keyboard and let you all know whats been happening in my life.
 I know its been a long time since I last wrote but I’ve been such a busy boy. 

I’ve done lots of training and am now the proud owner of my human.  They tell me she is the boss but I don’t think so, you should see her when I beg nicely she gives in every time, it doesn’t take long for me to train these humans you know.  

Well I’m now living in Scotland, funny place, men in skirts and things called haggis.  I’ve not met a haggis yet but I believe you can eat them, so I’ll just keep looking.

So as I say, I’m not looking after the boss, her old dog has retired but he is keeping me in check when I make the very odd mistake - honest it doesn’t happen too often.  

I’ve been working for Anne for about 12 weeks now and I’ve travelled up and down the whole of the country - no body told me it would be this hard.

I like my new purple harness, it really makes me stand out in a crowd.  Mind you I think because I’m so tall people see me as well.  Lots of people smile at me when I’m out with my human - wonder if they know she can’t see them smiling, but I don’t mind because I am and I like to make people happy.  

My new humans say they will have to get a new car because I’m too big and don’t fit in their car very well with the retired dog, if they gave me the back seat I would be happy!

Okay off to play in the garden as I’ve been in the office most the day and this keyboard is getting hot with all my typing. 
Take care guys and I promise to catch up with you soon.

Woofing at you all
Sir Spook


Hi Guys, 

Spook here! 

Guess what – my birthday is next Monday – 16th March and I’ll be a whole year old. I’ve been learning quite a few things – mostly not to give my people a hard time and to stay put when they tell me to stay put. Sometimes they let me watch Animal Planet – that is my favourite – but I can’t tell where all those animals are coming from. I looked on the side of the thing on the wall and there isn’t anything there. My other favourite programme is Mr & Mrs Wolf. It really makes me howl and my people love it when I do that. 

This spring weather is nice. I got to ride the bus and go to the beach in Broughty Ferry. I haven’t seen a beach before or water that seems to come from nowhere and go everywhere. It was so exciting. There were some HUGE birds giving me the eye. They had really long necks and seemed a little big to chase so I gave them a body swerve. I was having a great time until some guy asked my mum if she would put me on the lead. She wasn’t best pleased said he obviously had issues because I wasn’t doing anything wrong – just having a good time and minding my own business. Everything was going pretty good until I met this she devil dog who thought the whole park – and the beach - belonged to her. What a carry on – I didn’t think I was going to escape with my life – but mum couldn’t quit laughing for some reason – I don’t know why because I was really scared. After I managed to get past her the rest of the day was good and I had good dreams of my time at the beach. 

Park days are really nice now and most of the dogs know me pretty well. Although I did get in trouble the other day and it wasn’t really my fault. Led astray by a black lab into the pond – well, there isn’t supposed to be a pond there but it was wet and I loved it. Somehow the other dog just made me go splashing around in it and he didn’t even get wet. Mum was not very pleased because it wasn’t in her plans for me to come home a mess. She said I was soaked to the bone – my bones felt O.K. 

My pal Oscar came over on Saturday and we played ALL DAY LONG – it was so cool. When I first met him he was loads bigger than me – now I’m twice as big as Oscar but he didn’t mind. We shared bones and toys – and watched Animal Planet together. I couldn’t help but notice that even though Oscar is two months older than me, he doesn’t hike his leg and I do. I didn’t say anything ‘cause I got my feelings hurt when my next door neighbour, Shirley, made fun of me for peeing like a girl. Anyway, we went for a huge long walk and met my friends in the park for a little while. It was just soooooo coooool. Mum said next time Oscar could come for a sleep over. 

I’ve got plans for my birthday. I’m going to go to the Lady’s Bowling Club with my pals Pip and Odie. I don’t know what I’m going to do there, but no doubt I’ll get lots of compliments. Always do. Don’t know what else is going to happen but I think we are having a Bar-B-Que party. Neat huh! Gotta run. I’m pooped. 

See you later. 

Greetings fans – Sir Spook back online with lots of canine capers to report as well as an update about my training. 

It’s been a hectic few weeks since I last barked out some news – lots of training around the streets and parks of Dundee –I’ve worked out that there are mainly people in the streets and dogs in the parks – guess my favourite place! 

The park is huge – mum and dad have not worked it out yet – they let me loose and then keep expecting me to come back to them – yeah right! I usually meet some friends there and have great fun chasing them – quite a few of my feathered friends there as well and one of these days I’ll catch one of them. 

Speaking of which – I spotted something moving in the garden the other day and rushed over to pick it up in my fearsome jaws – help! It was squawking and flapping about – Dad was none too pleased and screamed ‘Leave it’ in a really menacing voice. I figured he was serious so I dropped the little blighter and guess what – it flew off!! Apparently it was learning to fly and Dad said that was the only way I’d get hold of a bird. I think I’ve got more chance of getting hold of a bird than he does but I won’t tell him that! Anyway, he seemed quite pleased that I hadn’t damaged the chick – gentle giant – that’s me - Woof Woof!! 

I love this weather but it can get too hot for me – a couple of weeks ago it was roasting and Dad got something out of the garage called a barbecue – now that was my kind of toy. I barked at it for a while until Dad chased me all over the garden and then the cooking started – it all smelled delicious but for some reason I got a bollocking every time I approached this barbecue thing – the Spook is nothing if not patient and I waited for my opportunity – they were eating and stupidly left a couple of burgers on the barbecue – now’s my chance – yeah!! tasty tasty! Heard dad screaming ‘leave it’ again but there was absolutely no chance of that particular instruction being obeyed – scruff me if you want – I’m having this burger!! 

Had lots of fun trips with Mum during the past couple of weeks – she takes me places on the bus and is very proud when people stop to admire me. She gives me lots of hugs and treats but she’s getting a bit tougher than she used to be – makes me go through hoops before I get a treat and tells me off on a regular basis. She’s obsessed with me running over to her when she says ‘Spook come’ and gets mad if I run off – it’s great fun but she gets really wound up! That’s women for you. 

Went down to the train station on the bus and then met a friend of Mum’s in a coffee shop. All the girls came over to see me – I’ve lost none of my charm and if anything I’m even better looking now than I was a few months ago – women seem to find me irresistible and when I look in the mirror I can sort of understand why – all those good looks and modest as well. That’s all for now – join me for the next update and remember the Spook mantra – life’s way too short not to chase cats!! Woof woof! 

Greetings fans – Sir Spook back online with an update. It’s been a hectic few weeks I can tell you. I had an unscheduled holiday visit to Anne and Eddie for a couple of weeks – holiday? More like boot camp! They sort me out at every opportunity but I know they love me. 

Played with my pals Pip and Odie and found out exactly what the difference is between a regular water hose and a jet hose – it looked like a lot of fun that jet hose but it almost took my nose off! I couldn’t smell anything for about two days – someone might have warned me! 

I went on a few fundraisers and met some of our sponsors and also went for a visit to Sainsburys. We went in through the bakery section – now how cruel is that? Spotted a couple of cakes and a tray of bread rolls that I liked the look of but I resisted temptation and kept on walking. Needless to say they all loved me and hopefully they will be the next big Pathfinders sponsor. 

Spent a morning at central station in Glasgow – lots of activity and plenty admiring looks from my fans, most of them female of course. Had a few problems with the resident pigeons – pesky birds – three of them ganged up on me and came at me from different directions in a kind of pigeon pincer movement. If Eddie had let me loose I’d have sorted them out. 

Back to home base – Oh no – mum’s still in America – she gives me lots of hugs but I suppose I’ll have to wait a few more days! Out in the garden – yippee – it’s wood pigeon hunting season – some of them are learning to fly – I must be in with a chance now! My record for the Spring and Summer to date is Wood Pigeons 173 Spook 0 – I’ll catch one of these damn birds if it kills me! I’ve watched Animal Planet until I’m blue in the face but my technique still leaves a lot to be desired. The way the big cats sneak up and catch the Impala is impressive but the Spook technique is a bit different - basically a full gallop – CHARGE!! I’m getting closer all the time – I’ll keep you posted. 

Out to the park yesterday – not been there in a long time. Met my Rottweiler buddy – Rosie – a great gal and she always brings a football along – my kind of woman!! She’s a bit on the heavy side but I like that – she would even do me an injury if she landed on top of me but we have a good time. 

Blue, the resident family cat, is getting quite brave and keeps coming into my territory. She stands her ground and makes a horrible hissing sound that is quite scary. She usually runs from the Spook but not in the last few days so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m not chancing my luck as her claws are sharp – I can tell you that from experience – I keep hearing the phrase Mexican stand-off but I don’t know what that means as I can assure you no Mexicans were involved! 
That’s about it for another exciting entry in the diary and remember the Spook motto – ‘ a Wood Pigeon in the hand is worth two in the bush!