Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme
 Partnering blind people to independence
 established 2003
Kambo is currently updating his blog and he will be publishing it soon.   New look blogs will be coming soon.

Hello everyone,

I am Pathfinder Dogs new recruit; I am called KAMBO which is of African origin and means to work for everything, which seems to be quite appropriate considering what I am being trained to do!!!

Well I left my siblings and mum on Friday (6th August) morning and went to meet my new family. I did keep my new mum awake for most of the night, but apart from that I settled in well and even made sort of friends with Jade the Cat. I love playing with toys and running rings around my mum and dad.

Talk about throw you in the deep end, as I was straight out working on Saturday Morning doing a public appearance on a street collection in Diss Town centre. Which was very tiring and I slept a lot of the time, but people kept waking me up to cuddle or stroke me, but at least I slept well on Saturday night.

I understand that I start Dog training school on the 26th August and then I am going for a long weekend in Scotland to HQ which from what I have been told it will be working on my PR again.

I am looking forward to meeting new people and friends in due course. Anyway I will write again soon and let you all know about my new adventures.

Take Care