Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme
 Partnering blind people to independence
 established 2003

You just had to look! 

So what on earth do we want with your bras? 

1. RECYCLE - they don't end up in landfill (or air pollution if you're still burning them!) 

2. CASH - we sell them on to a textile company for cash which adds to our funds for the dogs. 

3. SAFER - the textile company forwards the bras to the tribeswomen in Africa. It has been told that when the tribeswomen wear them it creates a physical and psychological barrier that helps prevent rape and sexual assault on them. 

So ladies - 3 good reasons to give us your 'support'. Old, new, sports, maternity, we 'uplift' any kind. So come on and help 'push up' support for our campaign. 

Where to take/send them.... 

You can send them to us directly.

Drop them into our charity shop in Gateside Street, Hamilton.

Drop them at Priory Lodge Kennels, next to us in Wishaw.

Renfrewshire Leisure Centre, Renfrewshire.

Knightswood Community Centre, Glasgow.

Bowfield Hotel & Country club, near Glasgow Airport.

Bluebell Barn Bed and Breakfast, Banham, near Diss, Norfolk.

Send them into Brooksy and Vix at Tower FM.

Radcliffe Market, Bury (Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays).

LOVE YOUR FIT, Millgate Shopping Centre, Bury.

Most local Rotary International groups.

Take them along to any of our events.

Start up your own collection point - let us know and we'll tell everyone here.