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Bonnie is currently updating her blog and she will be publishing it soon.  New look blogs will be coming soon.


Well look at out first little girl, all grown up now and starting a new life in Northern Ireland. 

Tony Barclay, Bonnie's new handler, walked with head held high showing off his new working guide as they strode with great ease around the town on their qualifying walk. it looked as if they've been together for years already. 

We knew it was the right place for Bonnie to be as she settled so quickly in the house with Tony & Em and started to play mum to the 2 kittens from day 1. 

Well done Bonnie & Tony. You make a great team and we are proud of you both.

Hi folks, Bonnie here!

I live in a weird place called Carrickfergus now – it’s ok, not too far to walk, buses are a bit thin on the ground though. Good Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores though, and I do like shopping! So easy to steer my new people in there! My people think they are in charge, but they don’t know me properly yet and I am making great progress in getting things my way! 

Great fun! Wish those cats would stop sitting at the patio door watching me when I go outside though.. bit off putting! 

Went to the beach the other day. Water was a bit chilly but it was hot so I didn’t mind really. Silly people kept throwing a tennis ball into the water. Why on earth would they want to drown a tennis ball? I had to rescue it every time, so I buried it when they had a rest – no stamina you know! 

The cats are ok. Tabby had her stitches out last week and is a lot happier. Pixie is my favourite, she is cute and sleeps on my bed with me. Dunno what she finds so blinking comfy about my tail, keeps sleeping on it! 

Oh well, it’s been a hard day today, had what the humans call a ‘day off’. Spent some of the day sunbathing (or should that be ‘cloudbathing’, seems to be a lot of that in this funny place) and the rest chilling in my bed. I am off to have a kip before they ask me to actually do something! 

Have a good day folks, and remember – keep those humans guessing! 




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